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Contemporary United States History, 1940-Present

Last Updated: December 21, 2011

December 21: Final course grades are posted below.

The following are the course grades, not the final exam grades. They are listed according to the last three numbers of your student ID.
005: A-
044: B+
082: A-
086: A-
145: B-
174: B
187: A-
219: C
241: B
259: B
262: B-
264: I
289: C+
336: B
382: B+
434: B-
477: C
548: B
565: A-
583: A-
623: A-
633: B
679: B+
786: B-
843: B+
859: A-
982: C+
988: B+

This webpage is designed to serve as a supplemental source for course information this semester. All class handouts, such as the syllabus, writing assignment, and review sheets, will be placed on this site. In addition, any important announcements concerning the course which are to be made between our class meetings will be posted here. I also intend to add other features relevant to the class, such as links to other sites, illustrations relating to class material, and expanded discussion of selected matters mentioned in lecture.
Unless specifically notified, you will NOT be held responsible for knowledge of contents of this webpage NOT otherwise discussed in our weekly meetings. Rather, it is intended to be an outlet for expanded discussion and for other sources of information concerning this course.

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